As things heat up this summer, most of us have started updating and revamping the outdoor and the indoor spaces of our home or apartment in anticipation of balmy summer nights. Whether you’re planning a garden or a barbeque party, or even a coffee break with friends, PGS Lighting Electrical gives some useful advice on transforming your outdoor space into the ideal place to hang out with family and friends.


Lead the way

The appropriate lighting alongside the outdoor stairs and pathways as we lead guests up the main entrance of our house is vital, not just because it creates an exceptional atmosphere, but because it also ensures our safe transportation through the outdoor space of the house.  Downlights are a great choice as they are not blinding, they provide orientation, and bring surroundings to life as they accentuate plants and flowers.


The chandelier goes everywhere

Yes, even in the garden, the veranda or under the arbor.  Combined with task lighting, the chandelier is practical but also adds a strong flair to a space, really grabbing the attention of guests! Don’t forget that you should always custom living areas with warm lighting as it accentuates colours, while creating a friendlier and more positive environment.  When choosing a chandelier for an outdoor space, it’s also really important to check their IP rating and ensure they are made from the appropriate material. Even in indoor spaces, lighting can be exposed to air, dust, and humidity.


Floor lamps: Trending

Floor lamps in outdoor spaces are the absolute trend nowadays, whether you wish to enhance your space with an additional source of light, or even if you’d just like to make a decorative statement. A variety of floor lamps in different colours, shapes, and styles are available, with each one of them offering something unique!  What’s really great about outdoor floor lamps is that they can even be used inside the house too!


Nothing can hide away from the sun

It’s always sunny in Cyprus and it’s a shame for us not to make the most of it! Just place solar lighting in a sunny spot, and once it gets dark, they will automatically turn on.  Solar lights are one of the easiest ways to light up an outdoor space as they are easily transported, they don’t consume electricity and they don’t require any installation.


We all need a little drama in our gardens

By placing emphasis on plants, bushes, flowers and trees, you’ll create a beautiful and dramatic effect.  The use of uplights adds emphasis to the texture of tree trunks and gives a beautiful glow to leaves.  As an example, olive trees and cypress trees are better showcased with cold lighting, while laurels are best with warm lighting.


Swimming pool lighting!

The swimming pool can become a real focal point which is great for evenings spent outside.  The colour of the pool lining will determine how much light it takes to not look like a dark lake – brighter colours reflect light whereas the darker ones absorb it.  In general, the swimming pool must have two kinds of light sources embedded in its walls; one deep and one shallow.  LED Strips are a good solution, as well as inground lights for a distinctive and safe result that gives you the chance to enjoy swimming the pool at night!


Feeling the heat, anyone?

Ceiling fans provide a great solution! Installing one in indoor as well as outdoor spaces is particularly efficient in the summer months, providing a cool breeze without changing air quality.  What’s more, a ceiling fan is an economic and ecological cooling choice, while it can repel unwanted visitors like insects and mosquitoes.