PGS Lighting Electrical’s Pay Monthly scheme enables customers to buy any lighting fixtures and electrical supplies and pay for them in monthly instalments.

The scheme enables PGS Lighting Electrical customers to pay for their goods with a credit card, in 6 or 12 interest free monthly instalments of equal value. The amount of the monthly instalment is automatically set with client consent with the use of a JCC machine.

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You can get hold of any product today, and pay for it in 6 or 12 interest free monthly instalments of equal value! To partake in the scheme, you must possess a credit card issued by the financial institutions included in the scheme. There must also be an amount at least equal to the value of the product available in your account.

The whole amount is then bound and gradually released each month: with the payment of each monthly installment, the equivalent amount will be released and made available for you to use it.

Credit cards must be issued by the following financial institutions:

National Βank of Greece (Cyprus)

Alpha Bank (tel: 22877477)
Hellenic Bank (tel: 80009999)
Bank of Cyprus: (tel: 80000800)

The first installment is taken on the day of purchase.