PGS Lighting Electrical’s innovative scheme LED Pay as you save® can help save energy and significantly reduce the cost of your electricity bill by replacing high-consumption bulbs with LED type lamps.

The process is simple. After conducting a feasibility study on a home or workspace, PGS Lighting Electrical identifies spaces that can benefit from the use of LED lamps, calculating the saving in terms of energy and electricity cost.

Payment is split into equal monthly installments with no added interest, equivalent to the amount of the monthly saving, which means that the monthly budget will not be affected. In addition, PGS offers three years guarantee for lamps that may be problematic or which burn out.

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Light-emitting diode bulbs (LED) are spreading rapidly and are being used more and more as an ecological and economical solution for houses and business premises, road lighting and state buildings. Other than the remarkable energy saving of up to 80%, LED lamps have a longer lifespan, low maintenance cost, do not contain harmful substances like mercury, attract less insects, and are available in a wide variety of shapes and colors.

LED Pay as you save® offers long-term benefits. By implementing the scheme you will save up to 80% in electrical energy, and as a result your costs will be reduced. Moreover, by paying for this scheme in monthly installments equal to the cost of the saving you will get from the replacement of your current bulbs with LED, no extra cost will be added to your monthly budget. When you have settled the payment in full, you will start saving money as your electricity bill will have been substantially reduced.

LED Pay as you save® is recommended for buildings with high electrical energy consumption such business offices, hotels, hospitals. The scheme can also be implemented in houses that are energy intensive, and are consequently a financial burden for the owner. PGS Lighting Electrical can identify the energy consumption through the feasibility study.

Each case is different. PGS will give you an estimate saving after conducting a feasibility study.

Yes, however the payment will be in monthly installments and not based on the seasonality of the building.

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