We present the new multifunctional AZEL Mono Lamp, which gives you the freedom to illuminate your space exactly as you choose!

Powered by innovative LED technology, the AZEL Mono, with a lifespan of up to 25,000 hours, delivers superior lighting performance at remarkably low levels of energy consumption. Through a modern touch dimmer, you can set the light intensity according to your mood and the space you are in.

In addition, this unique fixture has been designed to provide functionality as it can be transformed from a table lamp to a handheld light, for both indoor and outdoor spaces. With a sleek and stylish design and a wide variety of colors, AZEL Mono can fit in with your decor as the ideal fixture for your living room, bedroom or even your garden.

What’s more, with built-in Qi technology, you can even use your lamp to wirelessly charge your mobile phone simply by placing it on the lamp base.