GES Recessed Square Downlight 120mm

This basic downlight is ideal for general indoor lighting installations.

It is available as a surface light fitting, with a regular cylindrical shape, and as a recessed light fitting, which is ultra-compact for full ceiling mount.

Lamps are not included in the luminaire, allowing for a wide range of different light sources.

Different sizes and dimensions with space for one or, in some cases, two lamps.

The entire range is made of plaster

Easy integration of the design into any space.

Structure material: Plaster

Technical Details

  • Lighting Type: Architectural Lighting, Decorative Lighting
  • Lamp Type: compact-fluorescent, LED
  • Volts: 220-240V/50-60Hz
  • Watt: 35
  • Lamp Base: Compatible to various types
  • IP: IP23
  • No. of Bulbs: 1
  • Available Colors: