DRONE Wall Fixture


Light source
Light source: LED CREE
Output (W): 7 or 14W
Color temperature: Warm White – 2700K
CRI: 80

Available in six combination of light fittings

05-5306-14-21 7W White/Silver – 05-5307-14-21 14W White/silver

05-5306-14-F5 7W White/Gold – 05-5307-14-F5 14W White/Golg

05-5306-14-06 7W White/Copper – 05-5307-14-06 14W White/Copper

05-5306-CI-21 7W Brown/Silver – 05-5307-CI-21 14W Brown/Silver

05-5306-CI-F5 7W Brown/Gold – 05-5307-CI-F5 14W Brown/Gold

05-5306-CI-06 7W Brown/Copper – 05-5307-CI-06 14W Brown/Copper

Technical Details

  • Lighting Type: Household Lighting
  • Lamp Type: LED
  • Volts: 100-240V/50-60Hz
  • Lamp Base: LED Integrated
  • IP: IP23
  • No. of Bulbs:
  • Available Colors: