The new “Ruidoso Luxury Villas” complex by Ruidoso Overseas Ltd is one of Ayia Napa’s hidden gems. Located just outside the city centre, close to secluded golden, sandy beaches, the complex combines design and technology in a luxury yet cosy and comfortable location, ideal for relaxation and fun.

PGS Lighting Electrical undertook the lighting of this impressive project, creating an enchanting ambience through the installation of specialised lighting architecture. PGS Lighting Electrical chose fixtures that offer perfect lighting from dusk till dawn, highlighting the unique elements of the villas. Both indoors and outdoors are decorated with European lighting fixtures that match the style and aesthetics of the well-known interior designers Costas Chiros & Associates.

‘Lighting architecture has developed enormously over the past few years and PGS Lighting Electrical is constantly striving to stay up to date and adapt to new methods and technologies, offering our clients the best possible results”, said Neofytos Neofytou, Managing Director of PGS Lighting Electrical. “We would like to thank Ruidoso Overseas Ltd for working with us on illuminating this incredible project, as well as all those who worked on it for the excellent collaboration’.

Those familiar with architectural design will note the signature touch of Zanettos Oikonomou & Associates on “Ruidoso Luxury Villas”. The complex features 5 luxury villas with spacious rooms – with sea or land views – and includes: a gym, air-conditioning, hot-tub, sauna, free ‘wifi’, fully-equipped kitchen and other amenities. The external layout includes a garden and a swimming pool in a unique shape, creating breath-taking scenery ideal for sunbathing, relaxation and play.