The Finikoudes seafront is now lit with eco-friendly light bulbs. After winning Larnaca Municipality’s open competition, PGS Lighting Electrical, was appointed to upgrade the lighting of the area with low energy consumption lamps LED. Based on the contract signed by both sides and the photometric and feasibility study conducted by PGS for the purposes of the tender, this upgrade will bring up to 75% saving for the Municipality which translates to 30,648EURO annually. The cost of the purchase of the lamps will be covered by the saving which will occur within 5 months from the installation date.


According to PGS Lighting Electrical and based on environmental studies by experts such as the Clinton Foundation Initiative, road lighting networks around the world consume 159 terawatt of electric power. According to the study of the Cyprus Energy Agency, lighting in general represents only 1% of the total electric power consumption. For Municipalities though it constitutes 60% of the total electric power consumption and 10% of their annual budget due to their large road lighting network.


“This project signals a new beginning for the Municipality of Larnaca and we are very proud to be part of it. Currently, many lamps in Cyprus are at the end of their lifespan or even past it. That is why we believe that other Municipalities should follow Larnaca’s example in upgrading public lighting. It is important to replace them with low energy consumption lamps LED that can be used for road lighting, public buildings, traffic lights, road signage, emergency lights and many more. Their durability in combination with their low energy consumption and low cost of maintenance encourages this kind of implementations” stated Managing Director of PGS Lighting Electrical Neophytos Neophytou.


PGS Lighting Electrical counts decades of experience in the field of lighting and electrical equipment and has the required technical know-how to implement innovative solutions for economic and eco-friendly lighting. The company has taken upon similar energy saving projects for public urban and rural spaces.