Summer is almost here and everybody is preparing their house yards for those relaxing and/or romantic nights, parties and barbecues with friends or even cooling dips in the swimming pool for the lucky ones. As always PGS is by your side, offering 40% discount on all outdoor lighting until the end of April. To make the right choices, our Lighting Consultants indicate which specific parts of your outdoor you need to illuminate and offer suggestions for appropriate types of lighting.

Let’s start from the basics. Imagine your garden as a big open plan space which self-separates in “areas” based on how you use them. Therefore, you need to choose lighting that meets the needs of each area.

Paths, staircases and entrances need to be well-lit to make the house warm and welcoming but also more secure. Choose downlights for paths to prevent glares and place wall lights or lanterns next to or above doors. As for staircases, prefer recessed lighting.

Focus on creating atmosphere in your entertainment or relaxing areas. Inground lighting in the pool, the parterres or the patio for a more subtle outcome, but if you want to be more bold then these spots are ideal for some lighting effects to impress your guests! Illuminate the circumference of your swimming pool or any small pond or the plants around them with led strips to add a theatrical element.

On the other hand, gazebos and pergolas and other working areas, such as an outdoor kitchen/barbecue, should have enough task lighting to provide the adequate visibility.

Finally, bring out the most interesting spots in your garden with floor lamps to enhance your outdoor decoration.